Individuals: Your ticket to a new career - Your Knowledge/Skills Portfolio

People gain knowledge and develop skills by studying and practicing. It follows that if a person tabulates all learning experiences, this inventory is a good, if not the best, indicator of knowledge and abilities. Learning experiences are not just classes taken at a formal school, but include seminars, tutoring, on-the-job training, internships, mentoring, teaching and all types of activities in which knowledge and skills are attained. FolioOne™ gives you a method of tabulating all of these activities, including a summary of knowledge attained in these exercises.

Organizations: Your greatest asset is what your people KNOW

Corporations are coming to the realization that the know-how of a company most often resides inside the heads of its employees. It is probably the most important factor in a company's success. FolioOne™ is a way to inventory knowledge in the minds of persons and, most importantly, use this inventory to find persons with knowledge as required for a particular task. These persons can then be assigned to tasks where their knowledge and skills are needed.